Packing & Crating

Packing & Crating

Packing & Crating

AMEX Moving & Storage offer every customer the option of packing & crating if necessary. Many customers would rather have us do the packing for them leaving them more time and freedom to do more important things. Our packing services are quality and professional giving your items the protection and care they need during transport. We pride ourselves on being known for having the lowest claim count in the industry.

AMEX Moving came, wrapped all my furniture, packed all my items and clothes, and made sure everything was protected really well. I was really impressed at how they put a ton of energy in to wrapping our stuff. My wife could not have been more pleased.
Neil Geller

We pack all items such as T.V’s, beds of all sizes, small & bulky furniture, even your clothes! Our packing materials are all quality made to give your items the best possible protection. We are dedicated to ensuring all your items are transported securely and without any damage. Give us a call today to discuss your moving plans and packing needs.

Packing Materials Available:

AMEX Moving & Storage is always equipped with all the packing materials needed to serve every customer. Our trucks are always prepped with any materials that might become necessary on any job site.

  • Thick Padded Blankets
  • Heavy Duty Packing Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap & Tape
  • Packing Foam Sheets
  • T.V Packing Materials
  • Glass Packing Materials

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