House Moving
House Moving

To successfully sell your home, it's crucial to stay ahead of the competition by utilizing a range of effective strategies. Incorporating as many of these brilliant tips as possible is key to achieving your goal. While some of the tips may be familiar, others may come as a surprise, but all of them are valuable in boosting your chances of success.

Get The Price Right

The value of something is determined by what someone else is willing to pay for it. If two or three real estate agents provide similar estimates, which fall short of your expectations, it would be unwise to disregard their advice and insist on a higher price. While it may be frustrating to forego costly improvements, real estate agents possess market knowledge and can provide valuable insights. Of course, it's also prudent to conduct online research and compare similar properties, but ensure that you are comparing like-for-like.

Neutralize The Home – Use Before Listing

In today's digital era, an increasing number of homebuyers are browsing properties online to create a shortlist for in-person visits. Presenting your property in the best possible light is crucial, as unflattering photographs may discourage potential buyers. Neutralizing your space involves addressing any visible damage, repainting walls in neutral shades if necessary, decluttering rooms, and removing any potentially offensive items. This may include provocative art, photographs, books, or anything that could spark disagreements due to adult themes or controversial topics.

Clean, Clean And Clean Again

Consider giving your property a thorough spring cleaning, including painting both the interior and exterior surfaces, as well as the doors of your kitchen cabinets, windows, and even the often-neglected area behind the toilet. Even though this area is typically out of sight, it's better to be safe than sorry since a potential buyer might find their way there during a viewing. If necessary, hire professionals to complete these tasks for you.

Store Personal Items

To create an environment that potential buyers can envision themselves living in, it's important to pack away family photographs, non-neutral artwork, ornaments, and trinkets. De-cluttering is essential in this process. A home that is free of personal items and visual reminders of the current owner's memories allows buyers to visualize themselves living in the space. This can significantly improve the chances of selling your house.

Practice Some Basic Psychology

You are probably familiar with the old bake bread/make coffee preparations, but although both are still okay they are still clichés. Instead have lightly scented fresh flowers around.

Make Important Decisions Before People Arrive

Everyone with a financial interest needs to be in agreement on the bottom line, and also on which items, if any, can or will be included in the sale.

Remove All Traces Of Pets

During viewings, it's advisable to keep pets away from the property. Although pets may be cute and endearing, they can be distracting or even cause allergic reactions among potential buyers. It's best to keep them in a safe place for the duration of the viewing. Additionally, make sure to eliminate any odors, remove toys and bedding, and thoroughly clean the areas where your pets usually stay to ensure that the property is free of pet-related distractions or issues.

Let Viewers Wander Without You

Assuming you have already de-cluttered, security concerns should not be a worry. When showcasing your property, potential buyers are not interested in hearing about your memories or experiences in the house. It's important to keep the focus on the property's features and benefits to make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living there.

Think On Your Feet

Learn to ‘read’ people looking round and use that knowledge to adapt your dialogue. For example a small yard could be pitched as ‘low maintenance’ of ‘as having potential for development’ depending on their reactions to it.

Selling Illusions

Now this entirely up to you and the lengths you are prepared to go to to secure a sale but some house-selling gurus suggest trying things like removing doors from downstairs rooms, angling mirrors, or ‘losing’ the odd piece of bulky furniture to create an illusion of more space. Sales companies have been doing this for years with show homes – the cleverly scaled down furniture is so well done few people ever realize.

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